Adidas miCoach smartwatch priced Rs 24,999

German sportswear company, Adidas has launched its smartwatch called the miCoach Smart Run at a price of Rs 24,999.

The smartwatch will be available exclusively on Adidas website. The new smartwatch lets the users monitor their heart rate and play music. It will also allow runners to track their runs using GPS mapping.

“There are no cables, straps and additional sensors with this all-in-one device — Smart Run uses optical technology to track heart rate from wrist, an in-built accelerometer counting every step to help monitor stride rate and GPS to track speed, distance and logs,” Adidas said in a statement.

The miCoach SMart Run is one of the most advanced and intuitive wrist based running  smartwatches available in the market, Adidas claims.

The smartwatch offers the latest innovations like the Mio Wrist Based Continuous Heart Rate Technology and easy navigation features.


It uses optical technology to track user’s heart rate from their wrist. The in-built accelerometer counts every step so users can monitor their stride rate.

miCoach Smart Run boasts a 1.45 inch color touch screen display and also features a MP3 player with Bluetooth wireless audio that delivers music and audible coaching guidance to solve problems associated with  headphone cables and music players.

Adidas is also offering a miCoach app on smartphones.

The global gadget market has seen the launch of many smartwatches this year from major vendors such as Samsung, Motorola and Apple. The new Adidas smartwatch will go against the likes of these major players in the league.

However smartwatches from these firms are not dedicated to healthcare or athletics, most of these support apps like pedometer and heart rate monitor to help users monitor various bodily functions.

The miCoach SMART RUN is completed with premium design, language and fine styling, including athletic lines, stainless steel trim, high performance guerrilla glass and magnesium.

The miCoach SMART RUN is the latest innovation to help athletes track their performance, learn and improve. The watch is exclusively available at Adidas online shop.


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