5 features of BlackBerry Q5

BlackBerry offers 5 features when Indian mobile users look for BlackBerry Q5 in July 2013.

Feature 1

The BlackBerry Q5 features classic BlackBerry Keyboard with discrete keys that has been re-engineered and designed to help type fast, accurately and with the least amount of effort.

Feature 2

BlackBerry Q5’ Instant Action shortcuts users to perform typing tasks faster.

Feature 3

The BlackBerry Q5 smartphone features classic QWERTY keyboard and 3.1” touchscreen.

BlackBerry Q5 - feature

Feature 4

The new smartphone, which is mainly created for emerging mobile markets like India, Brazil, China, Indonesia, etc., sports BlackBerry Time Shift mode and Story Maker for mobile users to create videos, movies, etc.

Feature 5

BlackBerry Messenger chat and BBM Video conversation allow mobile users to connect face-to-face.

Since the price of the new smartphone is yet to be revealed, Gizmolead.com does not comment further.



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