HP brings innovative computer monitors

HP has introduced innovative computer monitors.

The latest HP computer monitors feature interactive virtual reality display, 4K and 5K high-definition displays and curved displays.

HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display enables users to rotate, manipulate and navigate 3D images from the 23.6-inch diagonal interactive display. Users can also benefit from 3D experience with the HP Zvr. The retail price of HP Zvr in the U.S. will be available upon request. It will available in Spring 2015, said HP.

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HP Z27s and HP Z24s 4K Displays and the HP Z27q 5K Display is aimed to increase productivity by expanding the visual workspace and connecting to more devices.

The price of HP Z27s will be $749, while HP Z24s displays will cost $549 in the U.S.

The retail price of HP Z27q Display is expected to be $1,299 in the U.S.

HP Z34c, HP ENVY 34c, HP EliteDisplay S270c and HP Pavilion 27c Curved Displays offers immersive personal experience that will enhance visual perception and audio experiences.

HP has priced Z34c and HP ENVY 34c at $999 in the U.S.

HP EliteDisplay S270c and Pavilion 27c Curved Displays are available now for $399.

HP innovative computer monitors

HP Zvr

HP said Zvr Virtual Reality Display promises an immersive, real-time exploration and manipulation of 3D content. HP Zvr is powered by zSpace technology.

Users can interact with a high-definition 3D stereoscopic display combined with full-motion parallax and direct interaction, delivering an intuitive user experience.

The optional HP zView solution allows real-time sharing of 3D models to a 2D big screen. Dual-link DVI or DisplayPort connections to an HP Z Workstation provide easy connectivity for architectural, MCAD, education, and scientific content.

Ultra High-Definition Displays from HP

HP’s two 4K displays and its 5K display increase the viewing of image detail, can connect to multiple devices at once and are intended to increase productivity. Users can see more data in spreadsheets, keep multiple windows open side-by-side or program more lines of code.

Users can also enjoy the new media being filmed in 4K and higher formats. Higher resolutions let users see a mobile phone, notebook and tablet all at once on the screen.

The 3840 x 2160 resolution on the HP Z27s (27 diagonal inches) and HP Z24s (23.8 diagonal inches) displays will also benefit HP users. These two 4K displays have a 16:9 UHD panel, with the sRGB or AdobeRGB color gamuts and 1.07 billion colors for incredible color presentation of highly-detailed digital workflows. The displays include DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, Mini-DP, MHL(3) and USB 3.0 connections and are equipped with a four-way ergonomic stand, including pivot to switch quickly between landscape and portrait modes.

The HP Z27q Display has a 5120×2880, 5K wide-color gamut, delivering seven times more pixels than a classic full HD display. The HP Z27q offers better imagery with 14.7 million pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio, 300 nits luminance and 1.07 billion colors.



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