Earth Can Be Cooled Down Artificially According To Study

A new study suggests that Earth can be cooled down artificially. It was done by scientists at the Goddard Institute…

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How Jellyfish Reverses Aging?

A study of jellyfish has revealed a fascinating fact – these bottom-dwelling creatures have an unusual mutation that helps them…

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Dark Side of Moon Revealed by Artificial Intelligence

The Chinese Yutu-2 lunar rover has spent the past year exploring the dark side of the Moon. It was the…

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The Benefits of Cross Training

Cross training is a type of exercise that focuses on different muscles and joints. It helps prevent injuries and improves…

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Social exclusion becoming a major form of bullying

Research shows that social exclusion is a growing form of bullying, and the victims are often unaware of the extent…

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PPE makes concrete stronger, new study shows

A new research by engineers at RMIT University has shown that using disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) it is possible…

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