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Pokemon Go

We hacked Pokemon Go servers: OurMine

A day after players complained about the server outage of popular augmented reality (AR) game Pokemon Go, hacking group OurMine, which also compromised social media accounts of many celebrities, on Monday...

Fake Pokemon Go apps infiltrate Google Play store

A malicious gaming app called Pokemon Go Ultimate, the first "lockscreen" app has made its way onto the Google Play store, said software security company ESET. The app when downloaded and run...

Pokemon GO may make your smartphone thicker

The popular Pokemon GO that requires you to keep the screen on all the time may drive smartphone manufacturers to insert a large battery, making smartphones thicker. “As Pokemon GO continues to...

Hillary Clinton is using Pokémon Go to register voters

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has started to use the newly-launched Augmented Reality (AR) game Pokémon Go as a campaigning tool to register voters. The game, which came out on July 6,...

Copy of Pokemon Go tops charts in China

The world's latest favourite smartphone game Pokemon Go might never release in China owing to strict censorship and other technical problems but a clone called City Spirit Go, is now topping...
video games

Playing action video games may boost driving skills

Playing action-based video games may boost the players' ability to coordinate visual information with their motor control -- a skill critical to many real-world behaviours including driving, says new research. The findings...

Nintendo shares rise 16% due to Pokemon Go

Shares of Japanese video games giant Nintendo soared on Thursday by 16 per cent at the Tokyo Stock Exchange due to the stupendous success of its new smartphone augmented reality game,...
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go pips Twitter, Facebook in terms of daily users

The newly-launched famous Augmented Reality (AR) game Pokemon Go has overtaken Twitter in terms of daily users and has seen people spending more time on its app than on Facebook. Citing report...
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go raises users’ security, safety concerns

The newly-launched augmented reality (AR) game Pokemon Go poses a great data security threat to users as the app gets "full access" to their Google account, allowing the gaming company to...
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47% of smartphone gamers are women: Facebook

Smartphones are the most used gaming device for people globally -- and across 12 countries, 47 per cent of all smartphone players are now women, a Facebook study has revealed, adding...



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