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Mars Rover

This game, Mars Rover, takes you through rough Martian terrain

As Curiosity marks its fourth anniversary (in Earth years) since landing on Mars, and continues its exploration, gamers can join the fun via a new social media game, Mars Rover. With this...
Pokemon Go

New York bans sex offenders from playing Pokemon Go

New York state authorities have banned registered sex offenders from downloading and playing the augmented reality game Pokemon Go citing concerns that paedophiles could use the app to find or lure...

Hiroshima urges Pokemon Go ban in memorial

Authorities in Japan's Hiroshima city on Thursday urged the creators of the highly popular augemented reality game Pokemon Go's creators to keep its virtual monsters out of memorials to victims of...
Pokemon Go

Japan urges not to play Pokemon Go in tourist areas

Japanese authorities on Saturday urged visitors to stop playing augmented reality smartphone game Pokemon Go in popular tourist sites. The most emphatic protest came from the Izumo-taisha shrine, considered the second most...
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go finally debuts in Japan

Augmented reality smartphone game Pokemon Go finally launched in Japanon Friday, the country of the character's birth and the last big market where the possible release date had generated a huge...
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go banned for Indonesian police, army

Indonesia on Wednesday banned its armed forces and police personnel from playing Pokemon Go -- the game that has become a global rage -- while on duty. The ban also includes personnel...
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go rekindles hope for augmented reality products

When the $1,500 eye wearable device Google Glass failed to take off commercially last year, it hit the augmented reality (AR) industry to a certain extent. Now, the maddening craze for...
Sexualisaton of women

Sexualisaton of female characters in video games waning

The tendency to depict female video game characters in secondary roles and sexualise them more than primary characters has diminished in recent years, say a study. The findings are based on content...

Nintendo shares rise highest with Pokemon Go’s success

The 'Pokemon Go' fever that has gripped smartphone users across the globe has led Japanese videogame giant Nintendo to double its value at the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Tuesday. In the first...
Pokemon Go

Playing Pokemon Go has health benefits too

As the GPS-based Pokemon Go mobile game takes the world by storm, an expert in the US has found that there are health benefits from playing the augmented Reality (AR) smartphone...



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