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App review: PhonePe payment app powered by Yes Bank

Here's quick glance at the features offered by PhonePe payment app powered by Yes Bank. Damini Juyal editor@gizmolead.com  
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Apple removes ‘millions’ of scam and clone apps

In a bid to go after spam and clone apps on its App Store, Apple has instituted new tougher guidelines, thus cleaning up millions of apps in the process, media reported. Apple...

Hike announces Hike 5.0 with payment feature

Hike Messenger has launched the new Hike 5.0 featuring Hike Wallet, the first payment feature in a messaging app. The new messenger app will be available to all Android and iOS users...

New smartphone app can warn sleepy drivers

Researchers at Hong Kong Baptist University have developed a smartphone app that can detect drowsy drivers and alert them. While the new system is suitable for all drivers and can help reduce...
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Are your private online messages secure?

There are billions of messages sent through social media every day – some of them are private, and some can be…well, leaked. Security is always the number one issue for anything online...

All India ITR launches income tax e-filing app

All India ITR (www.allindiaitr.com), a government authorised e-filing website, on Tuesday launched a mobile application to make the process of income tax e-filing simple. "With tax filing gaining momentum, the mobile app...

70% smartphone apps share your data with third-party services

More than 70 per cent of smartphone apps are reporting personal data to third-party tracking companies like Google Analytics, the Facebook Graph API or Crashlytics, warns a new study. When people install...

Gizmolead App Review: Muvizz.com

Here's a review of the new app Muvizz.com, which is loaded with a host of entertainment for movie fans. Shreya Joshi editor@gizmolead.com

App to use smartphone compass to foil voice hacking

Using tools already on smartphones, including the compass, researchers are developing an app to stop machine-based voice impersonation attacks on voice-based smartphone apps such as Siri and WeChat. With just a few...
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Apple’s iOS 11 to restrict logging into apps using social media platforms

Over the years Facebook has made it easier for its users to log into the third-party apps through its platform but not anymore as Apple has introduced a feature in iOS...