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Gizmolead App Review: Muvizz.com

Here's a review of the new app Muvizz.com, which is loaded with a host of entertainment for movie fans. Shreya Joshi editor@gizmolead.com

App to use smartphone compass to foil voice hacking

Using tools already on smartphones, including the compass, researchers are developing an app to stop machine-based voice impersonation attacks on voice-based smartphone apps such as Siri and WeChat. With just a few...
Apple's CEO Tim Cook

Apple’s iOS 11 to restrict logging into apps using social media platforms

Over the years Facebook has made it easier for its users to log into the third-party apps through its platform but not anymore as Apple has introduced a feature in iOS...

Truecaller surpasses Facebook, becomes fourth most downloaded app in India

Surpassing Facebook, leading communication app Truecaller has become the fourth most downloaded application in India on Google Play Store and is delivering over 100,000 clicks in a day to in-app advertisers. According...

IAMAI to set up 1st mobile app incubator in Kozhikode

The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) will set up their third incubator and the first one in the mobile app sector at the Cyber Park here, a top Kerala...
Snapchat Discover

Snap acquires drone manufacturing firm for $1 mn

Snap Inc, the parent company of popular photo-sharing app Snapchat, has acquired Los Angeles-based small drone manufacturer Ctrl Me Robotics for nearly $1 million. According to a report in Buzzfeed on Sunday,...

Apple acquires sleep-tracking app ‘Beddit’

US tech giant Apple has acquired an app and sleep monitoring device called Beddit, but the terms of the deal have not been disclosed so far, media reports said. Beddit -- an...

Twitter adds two-factor authentication app support

Twitter quietly released support for third-party two-factor authentication applications enabling the twitterati to now use these apps to protect their accounts, a media report said. A Twitter developer said that this feature...
Genius SP-906BT Plus

Genius launches two new Bluetooth speakers

Taiwan-based Genius on Friday launched two new portable Bluetooth speakers -- SP-906BT and SP-906BT Plus in India. The SP-906BT is compact, sports a rounded shape and has a relatively flat body design...
Apple unveils App Accelerator

Apple unveils App Accelerator for developers in Bengaluru

Giving its India growth strategy a fresh impetus, Apple on Friday announced the opening of its App Accelerator in Bengaluru that will provide specialised support for developers to build tools for...



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