Nikon announces COOLPIX Spring Series 2015

nikon coolpix

Nikon has announced its COOLPIX Spring Series 2015. The new line-up includes 12 new models with 38 color variants.

The COOLPIX P series offer high zoom. The COOLPIX P900 delivers 83x optical zoom (24mm -2000mm equivalent in 35mm format) and 166x Dynamic Fine Zoom.

nikon coolpix

The COOLPIX P610 in turn comes packed with 60x optical zoom and 120x Dynamic Fine Zoom. It also has vari-angle monitor and Dual Detect Optical Vibration Reduction (VR).

The S series consist of COOLPIX S9900, COOLPIX S7000, COOLPIX S6900, COOLPIX S3700, COOLPIX S2900, and COOLPIX S33.

The COOLPIX S7000 is the world’s lightest design, while the 16.0-megapixel COOLPIX S7000 packs a powerful 20x optical zoom. The COOLPIX S3700 comes with a 20.1MP with 8x optical zoom and 16x Dynamic fine zoom.

Nikon also unveiled the L series which includes COOLPIX L840, COOLPIX L340 and COOLPIX L31.

The COOLPIX L840 has 38x optical zoom and 76x Dynamic Fine Zoom along with NFC-support and built-in Wi-Fi. While the COOLPIX L31 is a user-friendly 16.1-megapixel camera.

The COOLPIX L340 is a highly portable size sporting a 20.2 megapixels, and 28x optical zoom with the indispensable Vibration Reduction (VR) feature.

The All-Weather series has the new COOLPIX AW130 with waterproofing up to a depth of approximately 30m and compliance with the Advanced Open Water (AOW) certification. It can survive a drop of approximately 2.1m, resist cold temperatures down to -10°C and supports instant sharing with NFC-support and built-in Wi-Fi.


# COOLPIX P900, available in Black color at Rs 29,950

# COOLPIX P610, available in Black and Red Color at Rs 23,950

# COOLPIX S9900, available in Black and Silver color at Rs 18,950

# COOLPIX S7000, available in Black, White, Gold, Pink at Rs 11,450

# COOLPIX S6900, available in Black, White and Pink color at Rs 11,950

# COOLPIX S3700, available in Silver, Black, Red, Pink, Blue and Designer Blue at Rs 7,450

# COOLPIX S2900, available in Silver, Black, Red, Purple and Decorative purple at Rs 6,450

# COOLPIX S33, available in White, Blue and Pink color at Rs 6,950

# COOLPIX L840, available in Black, Red and Plum color Rs 15,950

# COOLPIX L340, available in Black color at Rs 11,950

# COOLPIX L31, available in Silver, Black, Red and Purple color Rs 4,990

# COOLPIX AW130, available in Black, Blue, Orange and Green color at Rs 17, 950