txtBrowser crossed 300 million queries

Mobility and internet solutions provider Vavia Technologies claimed that their flagship product txtBrowser, text based search engine, has crossed 300 million queries.

txtBrowser, an offline internet access platform , allows user to access any information that is available on the internet over SMS by simply sending his query in natural language.

txtBrowser has partnered with Spice Digital to launch this product as a Value Added Service across operators worldwide. It is available across most operators in India, Middle East and South East Asia.

Alan D Souza, CEO, Vavia Technologies, said, “The biggest factor in making us reach 300 million is that txtBrowser responds with an answer rather than reverting back with a list of links. Today’s users are looking for quick answers and that’s where they keep returning back to our product.”

SaketAgarwal, CEO, Spice Digital, said, “Vavia’s solutions allow consumers to get timely and accurate answers without the need for internet, thereby creating increased levels of consumer satisfaction.”

In November 2013, txtBrowser opened its platform to allow developers to build their own apps on top of its platform. This has facilitated the developers to come up with innovative apps which have been receiving instant traction with the users.



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