Top mobile media and apps predictions for 2015

Strategy Analytics has shared top mobile media and apps predictions for 2015.

# Consumer and advertiser spend on mobile media to pass the $300 billion mark

# Mobile advertising momentum continues to build as spend approaches $30 billion

# Chinese/ Asian developers and content publishers increase their rising influence on the global apps market

# Operator data monetization plans hit by continued net neutrality uncertainty


# Apple Pay ignites NFC-based and non-NFC mobile payment activity beyond the US

# Facebook launches a payment platform for the youth

# Global eBooks market reaches $10 billion with growth predicted to slow

# Joyn/ RCS launches to accelerate, but unlikely to impact OTT messaging providers

# App Store market dynamic, Microsoft captures third place from Nokia, but Google Play and App Store remain leaders by some margin

# Connected Car app ambitions of car makers continue to stall


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