Are your private online messages secure?

There are billions of messages sent through social media every day – some of them are private, and some can be…well, leaked.

Security is always the number one issue for anything online and online messaging apps are not excluded. The issue of security has arisen after the messaging apps have extend their options to sending files. This means that malware or worms can be transferred to your device along with the content being sent.

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Depending on which service you’re using, you’re exposing yourself to certain risks. But, to avoid that, we’ve gathered data from the five most used messenger apps in the world. Here’s what we found out:

Four out of five apps have End-to-End Encryption, meaning that only the one who sends the message and the one receiving it can read the content. These apps are Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Line. WeChat being the only app that didn’t integrate this feature.

Moreover, all of these apps have wide availability: you can use them on your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia. Viber and WeChat are also downloadable for Bada, Mac OS, or even Firefox.

Of all the apps mentioned above, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are the most frequently used, each having over one billion active users every month.

Line and Viber both have around 800 million users each, and WeChat has over 1 billion, of which 700 million are active.  If you’re wondering how is that relevant, these numbers prove that all the apps have their safety checked and guaranteed by many people. There are a few hundreds of apps being launched every day. If these apps were not safe, then the general population would not use them.

And considering the rate at which most of them are growing, I think it’s safe to say that any of them are a safe choice to send your messages without a worry.

Colin Cieloha
North American Territory Manager


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