New app posts likes on friends’ old Instagram photos

London, Dec 10 Now, you can like old posts on your friends Instagram feeds with this ‘creepy’ app.

Called Like Creeper, the app allows users to “randomly hit like on a friend’s horrifyingly old Instagram”, says the description on its website.

The app will log into your Instagram account and scan one of your friend’s old photos. You do not know who it will be or what the picture will be.


The app has been developed by four American advertising professionals who have made other notable projects like Cloak, the anti-social network.

“We were just laughing one day about how bizarre it is when you get a like on a picture from way back in the day, and thought it would make a hilariously stupid single-serving site,” Chris Baker, one of the app creators, was quoted as saying in media reports.

“So we made it,” he added.

Like Creeper goes through Instagram posts and likes pictures as old as it can to make friends think that someone has been stalking them.



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