LG secures smartphones with Knock Code security and unlocking system

LG has unveiled Knock Code, delivering what the company claims as the most convenient smartphone security and unlocking system in the mobile communications market today.

Knock Code is initially available in LG’s Android KitKat OS-based smartphones LG L90 and L70, and it will be available as a regular feature on all of LG’s future mobile devices, LG said.  The technology works on the entire display screen and has a consistent recognition rate.

LG knockcode

The Knock Code pattern allows for more than 80,000 possible security combinations and can be entered on a blank screen using two to eight taps. The device screen shows no detectable outline of the pattern and so the code is virtually impossible to duplicate. The Knock Code also elicits an emotional response from the user as he/she imbibes the tapping habit.

To introduce the Knock Code feature, LG has launched a variety of digital campaigns in collaboration with Eccentric Engine. The campaigns features five characters based on five concepts like Footballer, the Kickboxer, the Fashionista, the Unstoppable and the Dancer.

Amit Gujral, head, Mobile Phones Marketing, LG India, said, “Knock Code with it’s almost impossible to crack; invisible phone tap patterns, single hand use convenience and no gimmicks like dotted patterns, visible numbers, face recognition or finger print scan base security mechanism would become a Habit by all LG L90 and L70 users to start with to be followed on all new upcoming LG Smart phones.”



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