Katy Perry’s 3D avatar on Pocket Avatars by Intel

Katy Perry has launched custom 3-D avatar exclusively on over-the-top video messaging app Pocket Avatars by Intel.

The Pocket Avatar app allows users to select a 3-D avatar and record and share personalized messages that mirror their own facial gestures and voice.

The application is available for both Android as well as iOS users and is free of cost.

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pocket avatars

“She’s an icon with a relatable and fun personality, and an endless number of looks. By marrying Katy’s visual appeal with our innovative facial-tracking technology, we’re allowing her fans to express themselves as imaginatively as Katy herself.” said Rich Hannah, general manager, Pocket Avatars at Intel Corporation.

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The users communicate through animated 3-D avatars that serve as alter egos. This app will allow Katy fans to select her avatar from a broad selection within the Pocket Avatars by Intel app.

The 3D animated avatars can smile, blink or wink, raise and lower eyebrows, stick out their tongue, blow a kiss, and even sing the lyrics to the latest Katy Perry songs.

Users can send messages through the Pocket Avatars by Intel messaging service or by text, email or social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Users have downloaded more than 1 million avatars and the app is now available in more than 30 countries.

The app has 55 avatars, including cultural and seasonal favorites like the collegiate football characters, Annoying Orange, characters from The Lego Movie and a host of seasonally inspired characters.

Many avatars are free but some require a purchase for unlimited use. The Katy Perry avatar is priced at $1.99.

Pocket Avatars uses your front-facing camera to record your message, then it combines your voice and expressions with one of the avatars.

Intel’s vice president Mike Bell said the company has “every intention to keep this going and improve upon it.”

Intel recently also invested $62 million in 16 tech firms including wearable computing, mobility, advanced Microprocessor and SoC Development and cloud infrastructure.


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