Hike becomes the hot App on Google, iOS and Windows

Hike messenger has added 5 million users in the last three months, placing it on the 4th position in Google Play Store.

The app, from BSB, is also among the top apps in other stores too. Hike is placed at 2nd position on iOS APP Store and 6th on Windows Store.

The app, which was launched in December 2012, has over 20 million users, of which 90 percent are from India. In a statement Hike officials said that 80 percent of the users are under the age of 25 and the app is adding around 2 lakh users per day.

Hidden mode is the feature that places Hike above other similar apps, as a hiker can hide their private chats from being seen by anyone else.

Hike officials said that amongst other very popular Indian-youth specific features is ‘Last-Seen Privacy’. A hike user has the ability to pick and choose who they show their last seen and status updates to. No other IM app gives their users this level of flexibility.

Other key features are Hike offline, which allows users to connect with friends who do not have smartphones or data connectivity via free SMS, while file sharing enables the users to share even big file in any formats. Besides, it also has a feature like expressive messaging, which allows users to share localized stickers and 2-way chat themes.

Kavin Bharti Mittal, head of product and strategy, Hike Messenger said, “Hike is built in close collaboration with our users and we are bringing to the market a product, that bridges the existing gaps in the instant messaging space. Features such as Hike Offline, Last Seen Privacy and many others are speaking to the local needs of the market.”


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