Bing Maps updated with streetside view of 100 US cities

Microsoft has announced the latest update for Bing Maps. The maps will now show the streetside view of well known sites across 100 US cities.

The streetside images can be seen in Bing Maps and Bing Maps Preview app which are exclusively available on Windows 8.1.

Maps will now provide the close up views of celebrated streets, buildings, and other landmarks.


This can be seen as Microsoft’s move to catch up with Google, which also provides Street View tours. Google’s Street View offers 3D virtual tours in 50 countries.

The new Bing Maps update also provides the aerial images of sites in more than 150 countries. It covers nearly 1.9 million square miles.

These images are captured by aircraft mounted UltraCam Osprey cameras and satellite imagery from Digital Globe. The pictures in the map are high resolution.

The new update also brings the 3D maps of the cities. There are highly detailed 3D maps of over 125 cities. These maps are viewable through Bing Maps Preview app.

There are 30 freshly added cities in the 3D maps. Users can also take tours of cities like Las Vegas, New Orleans, Copenhagen, and Toronto.

Bing Maps’ new update improves the interface of the app. The app works smoothly on touch screen devices. Users can switch around streetside views of the cities easily.

Bing Maps are exclusively available for Windows 8.1 users.


Vishal Kawadkar


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