Apple to refund EU customers if they do not like app

London, Dec 31 Complying with European Union (EU) regulations, Apple has rolled out a new iTunes policy where customers in Britain, as also in Europe could ask for a refund if they do not like an app after purchasing it.

Consumers who want an iTunes refund within the 14-day-period will use the “Report a Problem” feature to request a refund, the Guardian reported.

Once the cancellation is complete, the downloaded item is removed from the customer’s iTunes library.

Customers do not have to provide a reason for the return.

The returns, however, do not include iTunes Gifts, which, once redeemed, cannot be refunded.

The new iTunes returns policy has left app developers concerned that there will be a high number of apps returned particularly if they have a short-term function.

Outside the EU, the previous iTunes returns policy remains in effect where Apple has the right to deny a refund for any content that has been downloaded, the report added.



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