Wire-free charging tech firm Ossia gets funding from KDDI

Japan’s telecom operator KDDI has invested in Ossia, a company behind the Cota remote wire-free charging technology.

In recent months Ossia has raised more than $10 million. Ossia will utilize these funds to accelerate research and development of the Cota technology, integration of Cota technology with its business partners, and commercialization of Cota into the marketplace.

Ossia considers Japan as a highly important market for both partnerships with consumer electronics manufacturers and consumer adoption of devices that include Cota technology.

Makoto Takahashi, senior vice president of KDDI, said: “With our investment, KDDI is acknowledging that in the era of Internet of Things, safely delivered wireless power is going to be essential and ubiquitous, and Ossia will play an important role in bringing this technology to the mass market.”

The Cota technology is designed to charge many devices simultaneously. At an effective charging radius of 30 feet, a single Cota charging station can charge the battery-operated devices in every room of an average home or office suite.



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