TRIX launches portable power strip

TRIX Point Corp power strip

TRIX Point has launched the smallest power strip available in the market. TRIX power strip aims for three purposes: “Live better, share easier, travel further.”

Using three AC outlets and two USB ports (2.1A combined), TRIX can easily turn a single outlet into a power source for multiple electronics at once.

TRIX Point Corp power strip

Key specs:

# 2 powered USB ports (2.1 AMP combined)

# 3 AC outlets for convenient power and charging.

# Lightweight design for traveling.

# Ultra compact design to fit into luggage and briefcases.

# Dual side design maximizes outlets space, minimizes bulk.

“This is a gadget that any travelers or business persons would want to have; it’s petite, intuitive, and looks great,” said Colby Chiu, co-founder of TRIX Point Corp.