Sony unveils the MDR 27 headphones and PHA-3 amplifier

Sony today announced the launch of the MDR Z7 headphones and high resolution amplifier PHA-3.

The MDR-27 will be available at a price of Rs 41,990, while the PHA-3 will be selling at a price of Rs 74,990.

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The MDR Z7 headphones are designed with 70mm HD driver unit and captures critical high frequencies that are reproduced right up to 100 kHz. The MDR Z7 has special inward axis structure for maximum wearing stability.

sony mdr-27

The PHA-3 takes the high resolution audio input signals from the source and further enhances them. It also helps in reducing the cross talk that leads to less mixture of sound resulting in crystal clear sound output.

With help of DSEE HX technology, the PHA-3 can upscale and refine the sound quality of any music when connected to the compatible smartphones, laptop and Walkman.

sony pha-3

The PHA-3 high resolution amplifier can be connected to smartphone, Walkman, or PC with a USB cable and digital signals are directly sent to the portable headphone amp.

High-quality D/A conversion and amplification of voice signals are without any loss or deterioration.

The MDR-27 and PHA-3 when combined establishes a unique balanced connection circuit in which the left and right channel signals are transmitted separately to MDR-Z7.

Due to this unique signal transmission there is a minimal cross talk in the output hi-res audio signals resulting crystal clear sound output from MDR-Z7.


Vishal Kawadkar


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