Sony expands its Home Theatre products in India

Sony India has expanded its Home Theatre products – with the launch of new systems HT-S700RF and HT-S500RF.

The two Home Theatre systems come with exclusive India sound setting offering bass sound with clear vocal sound.

Sony, a leader in Home Theatre segment, aims to grow by more than 80 percent in FY18 for its popular 5.1 channel Soundbar Home Theatre.

The new 5.1 channel surround systems delivers 1000W output power with high volume boxes using tweeters and rhombus-shaped high aperture ratio grill.

Sony India said special tweeters are present in HT-S700RF and HT-S500RF to reproduce high frequency sounds.

HT-S700RF has two front and two rear tweeters, whereas HT-S500RF comes with two front tweeters. These tweeters also help in improving overall sound staging of the system.

Subwoofers (18cm in HT-S500RF and 20cm in HT-S700RF) ensure powerful and clear bass sound from Soundbar systems. Sony India said the 1000W output power helps realizing sound pressure to have an immerse movie experience.


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