Sony announces SxS series memory cards

Sony has announced the launch of SxS series memory cards, the SxS Pro+ and SxS-1. The SxS series comes with an advanced interface of PCI Express Generation 2 and a newly developed intelligent controller.

The new SXS PRO+ offers transfer speeds of 3.5Gbps(440MB/s) (read) and 2.8Gbps(350MB/s) (write), a much accelerated speed compared to its highly-rated predecessor launched earlier in 2012; the SxS-1 also has an exceptional transfer speed of 3.5Gbps (440MB/s, read).

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The new SxS PRO+ and SxS-1’s higher transfer speed also offers a high-speed ingest solution when used with SxS Reader Writer (SBAC-US30.UT100) and PSZ SSD series.

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These cards claims to reduce the transfer time even for large, data-intensive 4K video files.

The SxS series also include features like data-error correction, wear-leveling (data-defect minimizing) and data refreshing functions for secure data recording.

The SxS PRO+ and SxS-1 are also dust-proof and are durable. It also has several manufacturing control functions to maintain high reliability.

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The new memory card series will be available at select stores across India.

  • SBS-32G1A SYM will be available in February at a price of Rs 22,000.
  • SBS-64G1A SYM will also be available in February at a price of Rs 36,000.
  • SBP-64B SYM (PRO PLUS) is now available at a price of Rs 51,875.
  • SBP-128B SYM (PRO PLUS) is selling at a cost price of Rs 82,625.

In November, the company also announced the launch of its new Ultra High Speed SD card UX series, with fast data transfer speed and 4K compatibility.

The SD Card UX Series 128GB comes with data transfer speeds up to 94MB/s (read) and up to 60MB/s (write).

The SD card also feature an Ultra-High Speed (UHS Speed Class 3) for smooth 4K recordings as well as minimal buffering when capturing still images in Burst, multi-frame or panoramic modes.

The new card will have the Sony File Rescue software, the first in the world to support 3D movies and photos. This software allows users to recover accidentally deleted precious photos and movies.


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