Smart glass to grow nearly 150 percent in 2015

Smart glass shipment will grow nearly 150 percent in 2015 — almost will be in the enterprise and public sector, said ABI Research.

More than 90 percent of smart glasses will be sold in to the enterprise or public sector — remote assistance, police and military, security, warehouse and barcode scanning, and, in the consumer space for gaming — in 2015.

Smart glasses were much hyped in 2014 as a smartphone replacement, largely on the back Google’s Glass product announced in early 2013.

“2014 showed the use case for smart glasses is task specific, for example remote assistance, security (facial and number plate recognition), augmented reality, and virtual reality. Google Glass generalized use case is a primary reason for the changes announced last week,” said ABI Research Senior Practice Director Nick Spencer.

Smart glasses will not be the highest growth category in the wearables space; however, with smart watches set for significant consumer adoption at over 300 percent unit shipment growth in 2015. This is due to the market entry of Apple dominating headlines and sales with near 50 percent market share forecast in 2015.

Most people are not prepared to wear glasses because many simply do not normally need to, and if they do, they need specific lenses. Many glass wearers have moved to wearing contact lenses.


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