ON Semiconductor introduces new battery protection controller

ON Semiconductor has introduced a new Lithium-ion battery protection controller – LC05111CMT – for smartphones and tablets.

The integrated LC05111CMT utilizes analog circuit technology, MOSFET technology, and advanced packaging expertise to incorporate controller and driver functions in a single circuit, the company said.

LC05111CMT is offered in a Pb-free and Halide-free WDFN-6 package, and is priced at $1.00 USD in quantities of 10,000 units.

The LC05111CMT enables high-precision current control without using a current detection resistor. This current control reduces charging time by enabling higher charging current.


The device includes detection circuits and detection delay circuits to prevent batteries from over-charging, over-discharging, over-current discharging and over-current charging.

Ikuya Kawasaki, general manager, ON Semiconductor, said, “There is a clear requirement for the more accurate battery current control and small package in advanced portable devices. The LC05111CMT combines technologies to deliver a physically small, yet functionally innovative device that helps reduce charging time and provides multiple levels of protection for the battery charging circuit.”




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