Juniper Research: Smart Glasses to ship less than 10 million units by 2017

According to a new report by Juniper Research, the smart glass shipment will go down by 2017. The report says that the shipments will be less than 10 million units.

The findings of the report are that a combination of lengthy time-to-market and lack of a key consumer use case will be the causes for the fall in shipments.

The report also suggests that the smart glass shipments are unlikely to exceed 10 million units per annum til 2018.

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Juniper Research expects the sales to increase in 2015-2016 by the newly launched devices by well known vendors in the market including Samsung, Recon Instruments and the Microsoft-owned Osterhout Design Group.

Then report also suggests that smart glasses continue to raise privacy and safety concerns from many consumers and government.

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According to the report, smart glasses development is at a comparable stage to smartphones in the early 2000s, primarily focused on the enterprise.

As workplaces are likely to share devices between users, rather than purchase devices in bulk for all their employees, this will result in high investment but low shipment volumes to the enterprise for the next five years.

Other key findings of the report includes:

Android will remain the dominant smart glasses OS (operating system), however the anticipated release of the Samsung Gear Blink in 2015 will bring Tizen into the market.

Visible software progress across the industry will remain low outside a few showcased achievements until software-sharing spaces emerge.


Vishal kawadkar


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