Jawbone introduces UP3 smart fitness tracker

Jawbone has introduced two new fitness activity trackers, including its next-generation UP3 wristband wearable.

The new fitness tracker has sleek and smaller design than its previous UP24 model. The fitness tracker will keep tracks of users health and will know when the user is dehydrated, stressed and fatigued.

The UP3 is priced at $179 and comes with advanced activity features that can differentiate exercises, such as swimming, running and tennis, to better gauge calories.

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The smart wearable also includes sleep tracking, which can signify REM, light and deep sleep.

The UP3 does not sport a display like the other newly launched smart wearables.

The users can see data through the corresponding app, the device only shows light that indicates how close user is to their daily goal.

The Jawbone looks more like an accessory than a mini-computer wrapped around the wrist. The device has a watch-style clasp that adjusts the size of the band and holds it in place.

The UP3 fitness tracker has a good battery life and claims to provide seven days of tracking in one charge. It also water resistant and can survive in water up to 10m deep.

The UP app software has a new feature called the Smart Coach, which gives personalized guidance to users to reach their goals. The more data the device collects, the more helpful will be the suggestions.

The UP3 is programmed to tell the users when they are dehydrated, fatigued or even stressed. These features will be powered by built-in bioimpedance and skin/ambient temperature sensors.

The company also unveiled the UP Move ($49.99), an activity tracker that can be clipped to clothing or snapped into a wristband-like accessory. It will track steps, calories and workouts, as well as user’s sleep cycle.

The UP Move can run for six months straight with one charge and is also cost effective. The device will ship later this week.


Pix courtesy: businessweek.com

Vishal Kawadkar



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