Jabra launches Elite 85h headphones for $99

Jabra, a GN Audio company, will launch its Elite 85h headphones as well as an update of the Jabra Move with the Jabra Move Style Edition — at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas.

Elite 85h headphones feature Jabra SmartSound and AI technology. The company promises
100 percent hands-free with Alexa.

The Elite 85h’s SmartSound feature — developed in partnership with audEERING’s soundscape technology — ensures the audio of the headphones automatically adjusts to surroundings.

The hands-free Voice Assistant Control allows users for faster and easier voice assistant access. Users need not touch a button on the headphones to interact with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.

The Elite 85h headphones offer maximum battery life of 32-hours. The Move Style Edition offers battery life of up to 14 hours.

The Move Style Edition is available in three colors: Titanium Black, Gold Beige and Navy. The retail price of Move Style Edition in the US is $99.

The Elite 85h will be available in four colors: Black, Titanium Black, Gold Beige and Navy. The retail price of Elite 85h is $299 in the US.

Jabra is announcing the full Voice Activation (VA) integration with Chinese tech giants Baidu, Tmall, Tencent and iFlytek.