Intel to power the next-gen Google Glass

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Intel will manufacture the processors for the second version of Google Glass.

The first model of the Google Glass is still to go on sale and there are words about developing its second generation model.

The first version of the Glass was powered by the Texas Instrument processor. It will be replaced by the Intel chipset for the next-gen Glass.

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Google Glass

The WSJ report also suggested that the second installment of Google Glass will have better battery life, lasting up to a day with general use. The current Google Glass’s battery does not last a day with moderate usage.

After dominating the chip making industry, Intel is looking to expand its business in the wearable segment, which is a globally growing market. Intel is the biggest producer of PC chips in the world.

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The report says that the company plans to promote Glass as an enterprise offering to hospitals and manufacturers and also create new use cases for the gadget.

Google is also working with software developers like Augmedix and APX Labs to promote Google Glass’s usage in healthcare, construction, manufacturing etc.

Google has over 300 people working on Glass, but only 5% of them are part of the Glass at Work programme.

The Google Glass was launched at the I/O 2012 developer conference and was made available in February 2013 for $1,500.

In a report by Juniper Research, it was expected that the smart glass shipment will go down by 2017. It said that the shipments will be less than 10 million units.

It is expected that the sales will increase in 2015-2016 by the newly launched devices by well known vendors in the market including Samsung, Recon Instruments and the Microsoft-owned Osterhout Design Group.

Other findings of the report suggested that Android will remain the dominant smart glasses OS (operating system), however the anticipated release of the Samsung Gear Blink in 2015 will bring Tizen into the market.


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