HTC, Under Armour unveil UA HealthBox for $400

UA HealthBox

UA HealthBox

HTC and Under Armour unveiled UA HealthBox, a connected fitness system that measures, monitors, and manages sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition.

UA HealthBox consists of UA Band, UA Heart Rate and UA Scale. It is priced $400.

Designed and manufactured by HTC and powered by UA Record, UA HealthBox is the first such device in the industry, the companies claimed.

UA HealthBox includes a fitness band, heart rate monitor and a smart scale which all connect to UA Record to provide insights that empower individuals to improve their health and fitness.

The new UA Record is available for download from the Google Play store and App Store.

With an HTC smartphone, or other Android or iOS smartphone, UA Record serves as the dashboard for daily activities that dictate how you feel, the company says.

Designed with athletes in mind, the band offers an advanced workout mode with a display that stays on during the workout, as well as an LED that indicates heart rate zone when paired with UA Heart Rate. UA Band comes in black with a red textured underside to allow for moisture wicking.

UA Heart Rate is a compact heart rate monitor with an innovative micro snap technology designed to make it undetectable during workouts. The chest strap and removable sensor helps individuals monitor intensity and train smarter.

UA Scale is a Wi-Fi enabled scale with an iconic circular design. The scale utilizes a sheet of glass with advanced conductive paint technology that enables weight and body fat percentage readings. The hidden LED display behind the glass makes technology invisible when not in use. The scale can support up to eight users. UA Scale comes in black with a red textured underside.

UA HealthBox will be available on January 22 in the U.S. with pre-orders beginning today through HTC and Under Armour. UA HealthBox will roll out to additional US retailers in the first quarter and internationally throughout 2016.

Rajani Baburajan