Digitek launches two Bluetooth stereo earphones

Digitek announced the launch of two models i.e. DBE-001 and DBE-002 of Bluetooth stereo earphones.

The price of DBE-001 Bluetooth stereo earphone is Rs 895. The price of DBE-002 Bluetooth stereo earphone is Rs 995. They are available at most of the e-commerce web stores such as Flipkart, Amazon etc.

The magnetic absorption feature of the earphones ensures that they securely lock around the user’s neck.

Digitek launches two Bluetooth stereo earphones

The lightweight earphones have length of 80cm. Some noteworthy features of the stereo earphones that make for a convenient use are Micro-USB charging, comfort seal tips and independent audio controls.

The wire control with inbuilt mic, music track selection, play and pause functions, call receiving controller enhance the usability of the earphones. The earphones can provide 5 hours of talking time or 4 hours of music entertainment and an 180 hours of standby time after one-hour charging.

These earphones offer signal coverage within a walking distance of 15m of barrier free space, 18mw of output power, speaker size of 10 mm and a charging voltage of DC 5V 300mA.

There is a slight difference in the earphones look and feel of the two models DBE-001 and DBE-002. 


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