D-Link Wi-Fi Audio Extender now for sale at $49.99

D-Link has started shipping of Wi-Fi Audio Extender DCH-M225, which is designed to stream music from a smart phone or tablet directly to virtually any connected speaker or home stereo.

The audio extender is now available for $49.99 on D-Link’s retail and e-tail outlets. The product is also available on Amazon.com


In a statement D-Link said that the compact and ultra-portable extender works with any speaker with a standard 3.5mm audio jack and connects wirelessly to an existing home network, allowing users to play music in any room with a Wi-Fi connection.

The Wi-Fi Audio Extender doubles as a wireless range extender, eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones and broadening the range of a wireless network for everyday Internet activities like emailing, chatting, video streaming, and music streaming, D-Link said.

Equipped with Wireless N technology, the extender delivers speeds of up to 300Mbps and makes use of a home’s environment by bouncing multiple wireless signals off walls and ceilings to work around obstructions.

“What sets the Wi-Fi Audio Extender apart from many others on the market is that it uses Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth technology for higher quality audio and better range throughout the house. Music lovers expect clear sound quality, and this product delivers. For added convenience, it also boosts Wi-Fi coverage in hard-to-reach areas like backyards and basements,” said Ken Loyd, director, D-Link Systems.

In addition, the Wi-Fi Audio Extender is universally compatible with all router brands and features a simple one-button installation. Users simply press the WPS button on the existing router and then on the Wi-Fi Audio Extender to sync and instantly increase the coverage of a wireless home network.



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