CES 2015: ODG plans new Smart Glasses

At the forthcoming CES 2015, ODG plans to showcase its new Smart Glasses at the Augmented Reality Pavilion in the Sands Hallway, booth SV-6.

The new version of its Smart Glasses system features optical and electronic configurations that enable a sleeker, lighter style.

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ODG also unveiled a prototype device featuring this new system. It weighs 125 grams and delivers similar functions as ODG’s R-6 Smart Glasses for Government and Enterprise and will support the Qualcomm Vuforia mobile vision platform.

ODG Smart Glasses at CES 2015
The first product featuring this new system is expected in 2015 with target prices ranging below $1000.

Ralph Osterhout, CEO and founder of Osterhout Design Group, said: “We’re working to change the world of computing by changing the way we interact, connect, and explore information, and I am happy to introduce the next step on this journey.”

ODG’s Smart Glasses allow users to do everything they do with a tablet, with 3D graphics overlaid and in a hands free format.

ODG’s ReticleOS operating system uses Android and can run any existing Android-based application. ODG is also working with developers to create new and unique experiences that utilize and maximize the devices’ advanced capabilities.

San Francisco-based ODG develops heavy-duty smart glasses for the military.

For less than $1,000, the augmented reality glasses can display high-definition video, record video and lay visuals over the real world.

ODG will soon release its own developer kit for third-party players to start building applications for the glasses.

Google Glass currently costs $1,500.



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