About Us

GizmoLead.com is a news website covering incredible science and technological advancements making your future.

About Kizhakedath Media Services

GizmoLead.com is published by Kizhakedath Media Services Pvt. Ltd. which started its operations in 2011. Kizhakedath Media Services publishes three technology portals targeting B2B customers: TelecomLead.com, GreentechLead.com and InfotechLead.com. Apart from 4 tech news portals, Kizhakedath Media Services also introduced EconomyLead.com that covers big economy related developments in the world.


TelecomLead.com covers news and analysis on telecom network, telecom operators, their strategies and plans. The main target is business professionals in the telecom industry globally. TelecomLead.com is trying to be the best platform for telecom operators and the eco-system.


InfotechLead.com covers IT for enterprises. The main target is IT decision makers in enterprises and IT companies.


GreentechLead.com targets green technologies such as wind, solar, biogas, green IT and green telecom, water management, sustainability, etc.

Baburajan Kizhakedath, a journalist with more than 17 years experience, is the co-founder of the media start-up.