Samsung overtakes Apple to recapture smartphone lead

Global Smartphone Vendor Shipments and Marketshare in Q1 2015

Samsung has overtaken Apple to lead the world’s largest smartphone market – based on shipments in Q1 2015, said Strategy Analytics.

The smartphone shipment of Samsung increased to 83.2 million in Q1 2015 from 74.5 million in Q4 2014, while Apple shipments fell to 61.2 million from 74.5 million, Lenovo dipped to 18.8 million from 24.7 million and Huawei dropped to 17.3 million from 24.1 million.

Global smartphone shipments grew 21 percent annually to 345 million units in the first quarter of 2015 from 285.0 million units in Q1 2014, said Strategy Analytics.

Linda Sui, director at Strategy Analytics, said: “Global smartphone growth on an annualized basis has slowed slightly from 33 percent to 21 percent during the past year, due to increasing penetration maturity in major markets of the US, Europe and China.”

Samsung shipped 83.2 million smartphones worldwide and captured 24 percent market share in Q1 2015, dipping from 31 percent a year earlier.

Global Smartphone Vendor Shipments and Marketshare in Q1 2015
Samsung continued to face challenges in Asia and elsewhere, but its global performance has stabilized sufficiently well this quarter to overtake Apple and recapture first position as the world’s largest smartphone vendor by volume.

Apple shipped 61.2 million smartphones worldwide and captured 18 percent market share in Q1 2015, rising from 15 percent in Q1 2014. Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models remain wildly popular in China and worldwide, as consumers upgrade to larger-screen phablets for enhanced data experiences.

Lenovo-Motorola held on to third position with 5 percent global smartphone market share in Q1 2015, but it has slipped from 7 percent a year ago. Lenovo is facing competitive pressure in the high-growth China LTE category, while Motorola is struggling to expand in its core market of North America and its growth market of India.

Huawei shipped 17.3 million smartphones for 5 percent share and fourth position worldwide in Q1 2015. Huawei is expanding rapidly online in China and through retailers across Africa, enabling it to become an emerging powerhouse in developing regions.

Baburajan K
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