Coolpad India CEO: Frameless Smartphone to land in India

Coolpad India CEO Varun Sharma on Monday said its Frameless Smartphone will be available in India later this year.
This patented technology can render the visual effect of a smartphone’s screen to be completely frameless through a manufacturing process while delivering a edge-to-edge visual experience to the end users.

Coolpad India CEO did not name the smartphone model which will be launching the patented Frameless Smartphone in the country.

Coolpad Frameless Smartphone
The company said smartphones adopting this patent will possess a larger screen proportion than present narrow-frame smartphones launched by some smartphone manufacturers.

Varun Sharma, CEO of Coolpad India, said: “Users around the world have been asking for narrow frames and higher screen to surface ratios. Our engineers are taking it to the next level by building an entirely frameless design. India will be among the first markets in the world we will launch this innovation in.”

The touchscreen display area from the left and right sides of the border make the smartphone as one whole body enhancing the both visual experience and functionality. The main benefit is that Coolpad’s frameless phones won’t require smartphone users to spend additional money on phone cases to protect the frame.

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