ASUS tablets to come with Avast mobile security

avast mobile security

Avast has announced that ASUS has selected Avast Mobile Security to be pre-loaded on its tablets.

Avast Mobile Security will provide ASUS tablet users with protection from potential vulnerabilities and device theft.

Users of ASUS Zenpad tablets Z170C, Z300C, Z380/CX, Z370C and Z370CG will receive 12 months of Avast Mobile Security.

avast mobile security

This collaboration will also allow ASUS users to free access to premium versions of Avast Backup and Avast Anti-Theft, which includes features like lock stolen devices and thefties.

Avast solutions are available on Google Play and Apple Store.

“With Avast Mobile Security preloaded on ASUS devices, today’s mobile consumer can have peace of mind browsing the Internet, knowing their devices and personal data are protected across a wide range of threats from malware to Wi-Fi hacks.” said Vince Steckler, CEO at Avast.


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