Lenovo offers devices with Windows 10 from July 29

Microsoft Windows 10

Lenovo will offer devices with Windows 10 starting July 29.

Lenovo has a list of products eligible for this upgrade including models like the YOGA 3 Pro and YOGA 500.
Lenovo has worked with Microsoft to make the process of upgrading simple, for people with Lenovo PC running Windows 7 SP1 or 8.1 to upgrade to Windows 10. If a user has reserved a copy of Windows 10, he/she will be notified once the compatibility process confirms that the user will have a great experience, and Windows 10 has been downloaded on their system.

Meanwhile, Lenovo will release two new versions of its flagship applications – Lenovo Companion and Lenovo Settings. Both Lenovo-developed applications will come standard on Lenovo PCs preloaded with Windows 10. These two apps have over 10 million users combined worldwide.
Microsoft Windows 10
Lenovo Settings

Lenovo Settings 3.0 is a “smart” device control hub aggregating all of the most common hardware device functions into one place, making it easy for users to adapt and modify the way their computer or tablet behaves.

Among its newest features, Settings offers a unique “Smart Settings” area which leverages built-in device sensors to predict, adapt and modify device settings to suit user behavior – automatically. Settings also showcases a robust “Power” section, which offers customization unique to Lenovo, such as a “Battery Stretch Mode” and “Charge Mode”, which lets users super-charge their battery replenishment.

Lenovo Companion

Lenovo Companion 3.0 provides a sleek new interface and a robust optimization tool. Its new optimize feature keeps PCs running at peak performance: it can be used at any time to run a full-scale checkup and report back with specific actions that can free up space and speed up a user’s device. Companion will then complete the actions all within the user’s control.

Companion also provides exclusive Lenovo content to help people get the most out of their PC. Lenovo experts author how-to articles, tips and tricks, and other news to keep users up to date on their PC. The app also gives users customized access to device updates, warranty information, a knowledge base, user guides, discussion forums and even optional accessories complementing their specific machine.

In addition, Lenovo curates content daily from the best publishers from around the web across a variety of topics so users can easily stay current on all the latest industry news, trends and innovations.

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