Xiaomi Mi 3 out-of-stock in 5 seconds

While Mi 3 fans were waiting for the countdown to strike zero, they got the out-of-stock message in 5 seconds…. again!

Flipkart reports that the second stock of the Xiaomi Mi 3, which was available from 2:00 PM today, went out-of-stock in 5 seconds and 2,50,000 people were on the e-commerce site to get the device.

Some of the interested people got to register the device, but some people who were trying to get the device since last week, were disappointed again.

Xiaomi says that 20,000 Mi 3 smartphones have been sold at Flipkart since its launch.

After today’s sale, the total number of Mi 3 devices sold on Flipkart to date is 20,000.

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