Sony unveils CP-V3A USB portable charger

Sony India has launched CP-V3A USB portable charger which comes with a battery capacity of 3,000 mAH and is priced at Rs 1,590.

With high output of 1.5A, the charger, consisting of lithium battery, works on Hybrid-Gel Technology that helps to retain more than 90 percent of its capacity at 1,000 charges.


It is embedded with an emergency power that is available with the help of a micro-USB cable.

It is available in six colors across major electronic stores in India.

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  • Kavita Rawat

    Samurai Power Bank works great, reasonable price compare to other brands,Very small, charges quickly. Very nice to have at
    a sporting event/concert when my phone is usually dead when the show/game is
    over. charges my Samsung s4 to 95%

  • Mazhar Siddiqui

    Samurai Power Bank is
    compact and stylish & can give my Android phone about 3 full charges. The
    blue light for charging blinks until its full and then remains solid… very
    helpful. I also like that it can charge itself and charge another device
    simultaneously, by using both the input and output ports.

  • Mazhar Siddiqui

    I’m very happy wid Samurai Power Bank. I used it to charge my iPhone 5 & it worked great.

  • Shekhar Kole

    As soon as i got the Samurai Power Bank, i started using it to make sure it worked and it worked just great. The charger that i got was like the one in the description. It does have an on/off button.