Portable PC sales remain flat after Windows 10 launch: ABI Research

Nexian chromebook

According to the latest market data findings from ABI Research, total system shipments for portable computing are predicted to reach 165 million units for full-year 2015, which is essentially flat compared to 2014 levels.

The Windows 10 OS upgrade offered by Microsoft is successful, but most of the Windows installed base are likely to use their current computer hardware for at least a while longer.

The portable Notebook PC category consists of four segments: netbooks, laptops, Chromebooks, and ultraportable PCs. Research director said that segment growth is occurring in Chromebooks.

The report also suggests that Chromebook shipments are expected to increase 35% annually by the end of year 2015 to 7 million units.

Ultraportable PCs, including the 2-in-1 convertible and detachable display models, experienced a 24% drop in quarter-over-quarter shipments to 7.2 million units.

Appleā€™s MacBook Air continues to lead all ultraportable PC OEMs, though Lenovo and Dell are closing the gap. The balance of the year is expected to remain soft for segment growth.

Laptops, the bulk of the Notebook PC category, will experience a unit volume decline of about 7% year-over-year.


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