Dell, HP, Lenovo join hands to promote PC innovation

Dell, HP, Lenovo to promote PC innovation

Dell, HP, Lenovo to promote PC innovation
PC rivals Dell, HP and Lenovo joined hands to launch first-ever joint ad campaign showcasing PC innovation – with the support of Intel and Microsoft.

The strategy is to arrest the decline in PC demand across the world and promote in the U.S. and China.

The advertisement campaign will also aim to promote Intel’s 6th Generation Intel Core processors and Microsoft’s Windows operating system Windows 10 and innovative designs from Dell, HP and Lenovo.

The six-week campaign, which begins October 19 in the United States and China, highlights the significant innovation in today’s PCs, prompting consumers to ask “PC Does What?” and inspiring them to question whether their current PC can do the same.

PCs represent a major leap forward for all users, from mobile workers to gamers, delivering a range of exciting experiences and significant advancements over older systems.

The latest PCs offer wireless flexibility with battery power that lets you work uninterrupted for hours.
With higher resolution, better details and faster frame rates, these new PCs deliver amazing gaming experiences with up to 30 times better graphics versus a 5-year-old system.

There is no need to remember a password when you can log in to the PC with your face using facial recognition.

You can get tablet-like responsiveness in the latest 2 in 1 PCs that power on instantly with the touch of a button.

The joint campaign is designed to complement each company’s respective fourth quarter marketing efforts and will conclude on November 30.

David Roman, chief marketing officer, Lenovo, said: “In particular, the U.S. and China are the No. 1 and No. 2 PC markets in the world, and we believe that there are millions of consumers in these markets who will be interested in what today’s PC can do.”

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