Last night, while searching for the explanation of a movie, I came across this.

The numerous yellow O’s
The numerous yellow O’s

No, I was not planning to visit Page 2 of Google search results. I was not in a mood to find dead bodies. I was struck by an idea while looking at the numerous yellow O’s.

What happens if I visit (with three O’s)? Unsurprisingly, it redirected me to

Then I tried adding one more O. I visited This is what I found.

So, when you add two more O’s to, you get redirected to Facebook through AMPxchange (an advertisement agency). We are yet to find out whether Facebook did this intentionally or not.

I have no idea why Facebook would do this intentionally, I mean look at these statistics:

Total visits – 29.70B – 406K – Less than 5000
(Stats from

So, didn’t even cross the “5000 views” mark.

Not many people drop by frequently, but when they do, they get redirected to Facebook.

Is Facebook actually benefiting from this redirection?

Anand Baburajan