Moto X v/s Samsung Galaxy S4

Moto X is out in the U.S. It will try to compete with Samsung Galaxy S4 which has already got several variants.’s Anand B is taking a review of the specifications of Moto X. We have not seen the smartphone. The review is based on information available in the smartphone market.

Motorola Moto X smartphone promises innovative design and features, and users can opt for some customized design to make phone unique without resorting to a case.

Galaxy S4

Motorola Moto X is shorter than the Galaxy S4.

The Moto X has an arched back which helps users to handle with more comfort.

There are onscreen navigation controls instead of physical or capacitive buttons.

Like the Galaxy S4, the Moto X comes in white and black shades that you can dress up with more-colorful covers and back plates.

Motorola users can buy bamboo, teak, ebony, and rosewood backings from Moto Maker Web site.


Moto X has 4.7-inch AMOLED display with 720p HD resolution (1,280×720 pixels). Galaxy S4 has 5-inch screen and full 1080p resolution.

Moto X comes with 312ppi pixel density against Galaxy S4’s 441ppi.



Moto X features 10MP camera with a technology called Clear Pixel, which promises 75 percent more light for more accurate sunlit and night time photos.

Samsung Galaxy S4 has 13MP camera and comes with number of innovative features for a better camera experience.


Both Samsung Galaxy S4 and Motorola X run on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.


Moto X uses X8 processor. Galaxy S4 runs on 1.9GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor.


Motorola Moto X sports embedded 2,200mAh battery that yields 24 hours of battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S4 features 2,600mAh removable battery, which will last a full workday.


The Moto X does not have a microSD card slot. Galaxy S4 accepts up to 64GB in external storage.

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