Lumia 1020 and Galaxy K Zoom, digital camera or mobile phone?

Nokia Lumia 1020 and Samsung Galaxy K Zoom are the latest smart phone devices that have been launched by their respective manufacturers.

Both of these smart phone devices have got some amazing features and specifications and there are strong chances that these devices may become the most sought after choices. Let us try to find more about both these smart phone devices and let’s see which one is better.



Nokia Lumia 1020

Over the last few years Nokia is trying hard to capture the lost market share and hence company is rolling out new and latest smart phone models. The latest in the list is called as Nokia Lumia 1020 which is characterized by its elegant and innovative features that will surprise a new user.

One of the best features of Nokia Lumia 1020 is its huge 41 mega pixel camera. Till now it is considered as one of the best smart phone cameras in the entire world. No other company has managed to add such a high clarity camera with their smart phones. To add more good news this 41 mega pixel camera has got a special and unique F2.2 aperture along with highly advanced Xenon 4.0m Flash.

Apart from such an amazing clarity this smart phone is loaded with features such as excellent photography settings, Panorama mode, 6 Lens Optics, Viewfinder and innovative Image stabilization. With so many amazing and elegant features it seems that Nokia is planning to capture its lost market share by a good number.

lumia 1020 vs galaxy k

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom can also be termed as smaller version of Samsung Galaxy S5. It comes with a 720HD display and has got a powerful 2GB RAM. The only disappointing part is that it has got 20 mega pixel cameras which are very less as compared to Nokia Lumia 1020. Samsung Galaxy K Zoom has got a generic built in flash as well as auto focus feature. But all these features are very common these days. Galaxy K Zoom has got a 10X optical zoom which is less as compared to Nokia 1020.

From all of the above mentioned points you can pretty well imagine that both of these smart phones are basically replacement for digital camera. The best part is that you get a smart phone as well as camera in your hands at a low price. If we have to choose then Nokia 1020 scores more as compared to Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. The only good feature with K Zoom is its operating system – Android Kitkat and host of amazing photography apps can be downloaded on this smart phone device.

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