LG G7 vs Galaxy S9: Upcoming high-end Android smartphone battle

Galaxy S9 vs g7

Samsung has been the trendsetter in 2017 in terms of smartphone design. The South Korean tech giant was the first company to bring the bezel-less design and infinity display concept. Soon after, many companies tried to adopt the same concept including the Apple. LG is also one of the major players in the smartphone market. Reports are floating on social media that LG is planning to launch its upcoming flagship device with Infinity display by early 2018.

It is worth noting that Samsung is also rumored to launch Galaxy S9 at the same time. It simply indicates the possibility of an interesting battle between the two South-Korean companies.

As mentioned earlier LG G7 might sport infinity display while S9’s design will be inspired by the S8. But the bezels might be further extended in the upcoming top-end device. Needless to say, Samsung’s upcoming flagship could be the sleekest high-end smartphone in 2018.

One area where both the flagship might feel even is the camera design; G7 and S9 are both are heavily speculated to mark dual-camera setup.

In terms of processor, Samsung might bring its phone with Snapdragon 845 while it is unlikely that G7 will feature the same. LG’s flagship could run on 6GB RAM coupled with 128GB or 256GB RAM. On the other hand, S9 might have 4GB RAM with 128GB or 256GB RAM variants.

Still, there is a lot to confirm but it is certain that both the devices will try to capture high-end smartphone market. Fans are waiting to see that which handset emerges as the winner.

Shailesh Sharma

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  • fahedpotter

    Everybody keeps forgetting that lg was the one that started the bezel less trend