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Apple wants FCC to keep enforceable open internet protections

After several tech giants, including Google and Facebook, supported Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) plan to roll back Obama-era net neutrality rules, Apple called on the US communications regulatory agency to keep...

Google to launch ‘Assistant’ on third party devices

With an aim to go toe-to-toe with Amazon's Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant Alexa, Google has announced that it would put its "Assistant" on partner speakers, appliances and connected cameras. Citing the announcement...
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Apple teams up with China’s WeChat to accept payments

Following an agreement between Apple and Chinese company Tencent, the US-based company will allow payments through WeChat, one of the most popular payment systems in China, for its App Store and...

Google refunds for ads only seen by robots

Google has issued refunds to hundreds of advertisers for running ads on websites with fraudulent traffic generated by automated bots. According to the Wall Street Journal on Sunday, the refunds represent only...

After India, Google expands public Wi-Fi to Indonesia

After a successful run in India, Google has brought its public Wi-Fi programme 'Google Station' to Indonesia that will help improve access to Internet at railway stations and other locations. "We are...

Google adds 6-second video preview to mobile search

In a major update, search engine giant Google has added a six second video previews to its mobile search results, the media reported on Saturday. Google would use some of its machine...

Facebook, Google activate SOS features after Barcelona attack

Soon after the Barcelona attack that left 13 people dead, Facebook and Google activated their safety check features to let users in the vicinity inform their friends that they were safe...

‘Free speech’ march against Google next week

Alt-right protesters are planning a "March On Google" next week, following the US tech giant's firing of an employee over his internal company memo discussing gender differences in the workforce, the...

Google offered $30bn to acquire Snap Inc in 2016: Report

Search engine giant Google had offered $30 billion to buy Snap Inc -- the parent company of popular messaging app Snapchat -- in 2016 and a similar offer is still open,...

Google grants UK news agency $805,000 to automate writing local news

In what could put automation in full swing in the field of journalism, Google is providing Press Association, the British news agency, $805,000 to build a software that will gather, automate...



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