Google blocks Lipizzan Android spyware

A new batch of spyware named 'Lipizzan' that could capture users' text messages, voice calls, location data and photos has been discovered and blocked by Google. The company, in a blog post,...

WhatsApp looking for professional for monetizing it

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is now on a hunt for a professional who can help the company monetize the instant messaging app According to a blog by a company executive, WhatsApp is seeking an...

Google Feed’ for mobile app launched

Aiming to deliver relevant search results for mobile users, Google has rolled out "Google Feed", a Facebook 'News Feed' kind of experience for its users. "We are announcing a new feed experience...

Apple’s new emoji include bearded man, breastfeeding mom

Celebrating the World Emoji Day, Apple on Monday announced a new set of emoji that will include a woman with headscarf, a breastfeeding mom, a man with a beard and another...

Hubhopper app tops Apple Store

Hubhopper, one of India's leading social content aggregation, discovery and publishing platforms, has become the most downloaded app on Apple App Store this week. The app ranks 'Numero Uno' among the week's...

App review: Woohoo by Qwikcilver Solutions

Here's a look at how Woohoo revolutionized the way of gifting through mobile phones. Shreya Joshi [email protected]

App review: PhonePe payment app powered by Yes Bank

Here's quick¬†glance at the features offered by¬†PhonePe payment app powered by Yes Bank. Damini Juyal [email protected]  
Apple hq

Apple removes ‘millions’ of scam and clone apps

In a bid to go after spam and clone apps on its App Store, Apple has instituted new tougher guidelines, thus cleaning up millions of apps in the process, media reported. Apple...

Hike announces Hike 5.0 with payment feature

Hike Messenger has launched the new Hike 5.0 featuring Hike Wallet, the first payment feature in a messaging app. The new messenger app will be available to all Android and iOS users...

New smartphone app can warn sleepy drivers

Researchers at Hong Kong Baptist University have developed a smartphone app that can detect drowsy drivers and alert them. While the new system is suitable for all drivers and can help reduce...



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