We-Consent app based on myth, blast critics


A newly launched app, called We-Consent, forces would-be lovers to record their consent before having sex in case the police get involved, and is aimed at reducing false allegations of rape, Daily Mail reported.

Thanks to a new app, you can hook up with your partner – provided she is willing – without worrying about the allegations of rape levelled against you later.

Although the developers said their app is aimed at ending ‘misunderstandings’, but it has not convinced support groups who are raising a brouhaha.

Among the critics of the app is the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre, which slammed it for apparently showing rape is the result of misunderstanding rather than an attack.

“This app appears to be based on the myth of sexual miscommunication, that rape is the result of a misunderstanding of consent rather than a decision made by a rapist,” a critic was quoted as saying.

We-Consent users film 20-second clips on their phones stating who they are about to have sex with before recording their face and their partner’s.

The app only works if the cameras detect human faces and both parties are clearly heard saying ‘yes’, otherwise the recording is stopped and they are encouraged not to have sex.

If the users say ‘yes’ the app responds with: ‘Consent confirmed. Have fun’.

It is not clear where the consent clips are stored but the app website states they are held for seven years and can be made available only by a court order.