Viber adds new features to enhance messaging and calling


Viber has released its latest update (v5.5) for Android and iOS users, with a number of improvements designed to make sharing within the app more intuitive.

The latest update will allow users to share contacts from their phonebook as a Viber message. Recipients will receive the contact info, including name and photo, with an option to easily save them to their contacts.


Viber will also automatically create a message bubble with an image from the site, if a URL is shared in the chat.

The video calling UI is also redesigned to provide more intuitive triggers for starting video calls from various places within the app. Users can now initiate a video call directly from their contact’s profile, or from their recent calls list.

Viber data usage automatically adapts to the network quality of the user. A minute of audio call requires a maximum of 416KB/minute on 4G or WiFi, between 151 and 244KB/minute on 3G and only 84KB/minute on a 2G network.

In addition to the v5.5 update for Android and iPhone, Viber has updated its feature set for all secondary devices.

The newly released iPad version allows users to sync Viber on their iPhone, iPad and Mac simultaneously and continue their conversation.

Viber’s Android tablet interface now has a more intuitive call screen, and desktop versions have been updated to include Viber Public Chats, along with multiple new features and enhancements.


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