Samsung organises Tizen app development workshop in Coimbatore

Samsung organised a Tizen app development workshop – Dev Lab in Coimbatore. The event witnessed a presence of 100+ developers during the session.

The program equips participants with the knowledge to develop mobile applications and realize full potential of this platform.


Samsung developed Tizen with Huawei Technologies and Intel Corp to challenge the Android software that powers most of the world’s mobile devices.

Currently, only a few devices, including Samsung’s smartwatch products, televisions, cameras run on the Tizen platform.

A majority of Samsung’s mobile phones are Google Android-based, which is also the dominant OS on most smartphones across the globe.

The OS enables more efficient use of processing power and resources, thereby realizing faster device speeds and greater energy efficiency, as well as a more intuitive and simpler user experience.

This allows developers to respond more quickly and flexibly to rapidly changing consumer needs and makes Tizen optimal for connecting with smart appliances.

In the Tizen DevLab initiative, technical experts introduced developers to the Tizen SDK and APIs.

Instructors helped developers resolve their technical queries about the platform and at the end of the session developers were trained to build apps on their own.


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